Is your online marketing delivering the results you want? 6 simple steps to start a campaign

23rd September 2020

Digital marketing – Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and Email – are essential elements in any marketing plan, and you are probably running multiple campaigns that touch on each.  But are they delivering the results you want?  Do you even know what results you were expecting?  Which channel delivers the best outcome […]

Account Based Marketing – Laser focused marketing and sales campaigns

3rd September 2020

Now more than ever – as markets are changing, customers are facing new challenges and the workplace dynamic has fundamentally shifted, organisations should consider including Account Based Marketing (ABM) into their marketing strategy. Now is an opportune time to review your plans, and focus on where you think you can achieve the most success in […]

‘Framework of work’ – it all starts with a (marketing) plan…

16th January 2019

By Sere Davoudi, Director at Sprint Marketing Most of us start the year with a list of ‘must-do’s’ and goals. Some personal and some work-related. One of my objectives last year was to become more ‘efficient and focused’, (maybe I’ve been taken in by the new ‘wellbeing’ trend!) so, I’ve been reading ‘The Art of […]

Wow! In 2011 there were 150 marketing technology solutions to choose from – now there are 7000+.

10th August 2018

And the madness is not likely to end! Not surprising that many organisations see a Marketing Operations/ Technologist as a must-have. This constant growth and complexity have made it hard for marketers to choose which tools are best for them – what integrates with what, what does it do, at what cost and benefit? In […]

How to generate new business from your existing base

22nd May 2018

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Of course, this relates to your active, loyal customer base – that vital 20% on which your business relies on to stay buoyant and fluid. Often these customers take up most of your working day – and necessarily so – […]

How to get the best results from your telemarketing campaign

21st February 2018 Are you running a telemarketing campaign and it’s not delivering the results you were expecting or promised? Are you about to embark on a campaign and want to make sure you get good, qualified leads? I’ve met plenty of organisations in the tech sector who have been disappointed with the results of telemarketing campaigns […]

5 ways to maximise your ROI from an event

17th January 2018

A big part of my role when I first started as a marketing executive in the 1990’s was running events – they were great fun, but hard work.  Over the years and numerous events later I’d like to share what I’ve learned about how to run an event that ‘delivers’ from a promotional and logistics […]