‘Framework of work’ – it all starts with a (marketing) plan…

By Sere Davoudi, Director at Sprint Marketing

Most of us start the year with a list of ‘must-do’s’ and goals. Some personal and some work-related. One of my objectives last year was to become more ‘efficient and focused’, (maybe I’ve been taken in by the new ‘wellbeing’ trend!) so, I’ve been reading ‘The Art of Stopping Time’ Practical Mindfulness for Busy People by Pedram Shojai (which I thoroughly recommend!) which asks you to stop…and consider something every day for one hundred days.

As I thought about my goals over the New Year for 2019, I happened to reach day 31 in the book titled ‘Framework before work’. It was uncanny that is was focused on planning.

As a business owner I can’t help but think about how this relates to my customers as well as myself.

An extract…

‘There is an old saying among carpenters: “Measure thrice, cut once.” This may seem like more work up front but helps avoid costly mistakes that suck both time and money. It is a measured approach to life that includes a word that’s all but lost in our lexicon: planning’

‘Today let’s slow down a bit. In business, there’s another saying that insists on “framework before work”. This implies that if we map out our trajectory and make a plan, then the work becomes self-evident and far easier. At the other end of it, failing to plan is planning to fail’

Most of us understand and appreciate the benefit of a plan, but how many of us write one?

From my experience the businesses that have a marketing plan built BEFORE they start any campaign are more successful. Why?

  • They are more focused on the end goal whether it’s lead gen or brand awareness
  • The whole management team has bought into the plan
  • They have thought about who their prospect customers are and what the customer wants so the message and call-to-actions are more relevant
  • They are more results-driven

These are just a few of the advantages.

Writing a marketing (and maintaining) plans before you start your campaigns will save you time, money and disappointment from campaigns that haven’t hit the spot! If you have ‘write a marketing plan’ on your 2019 list of to-dos’ then get in touch – we can help!